Creation of Fake Entities: Provocation Attesting To Weak, False Allegations of Polisario, Sheikhs of

The announcement made by individuals, who unduly claim defending human rights, of the creation of a fake entity in the Moroccan Sahara represents an act of provocation which attests to the weak and false allegations by "the Polisario" and its sponsor, Algeria, about the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, underlined the sheikhs of the Sahrawi tribes.

"Moroccans from Tangier to Lagouira as well as the international community have become accustomed to this kind of provocative act which are repeated each time the maneuvers, allegations and lies of the separatists and their supporters, in the eastern neighboring country, are exposed and refuted", noted the sheikhs of the region of Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra in a statement read at the end of a meeting held Thursday in Laâyoune.


As representatives of the populations of the southern provinces, the sheikhs of the Moroccan Sahrawi tribes strongly condemned the creation of puppet entities in the Sahara aimed at undermining the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and its constitutional and human rights gains. 


They also denounced the desperate maneuvers of the "polisario" with a view to jeopardizing the stability and the dynamic of development that the region is experiencing through attempts to obstruct civil and commercial traffic and freedom of movement at the El Guerguerat post-border.


The purpose of these maneuvers is to undermine the strategic interests of the Kingdom with the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, they noted, describing any attempt to destabilize the region and to attack the sacred immutable values of the Kingdom as pointless. 


On this occasion, they reaffirmed the unwavering attachment of the sons, elected officials, sheikhs and notables of the Sahara to their historical affiliation to Morocco and the allegiance to HM King Mohammed VI, commander of the faithful, and to the glorious Alaouite throne. 


Thanks to the high solicitude of HM the King, the southern provinces of the Kingdom enjoy security, stability, sustained socio-economic development, in addition to the promotion of democracy and human rights, they stressed.


Given their strong conviction concerning the just national cause, the sheikhs of the Sahrawi tribes reiterated their unconditional commitment in favor of the defense of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, under the leadership of HM the King, stressing their support for the autonomy plan under the Moroccan sovereignty in order to put an end to this artificial conflict.