Max Hufanen Rai

Papua New Guinea expressed, Thursday before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly, its support for the Moroccan aspect of the Sahara and for "the laudable" Moroccan initiative of autonomy, which promotes realism and compromise for a durable solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.


Speaking before the Committee, Permanent Representative of Papua New Guinea to the UN, Ambassador Max Hufanen Rai, highlighted Morocco's achievements, efforts and investments in its southern provinces. "We congratulate Morocco for the continued promotion of sustainable development, the improvement of political participation, the upholding of human rights, and the fight against Covid-19 in the Sahara", he said.


He also expressed his country's support for the political process under the aegis of the UN Secretary General and his Personal Envoy, aimed at reaching a negotiated, durable, and mutually acceptable political solution to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara. 


"We encourage Köhler's successor to build on this important momentum", said the ambassador, welcoming the holding of the two round tables in Geneva between Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and the polisario, as well as the agreement between these parties to hold a third round table.


In addition, Max Hufanen Rai drew the attention of the Committee to the holding in Laâyoune last February of the 3rd Morocco-Pacific Island States Forum.


"The Laâyoune Declaration adopted on February 26, 2020 during the 3rd Morocco-Pacific Island States Forum reaffirmed the principles of sovereign equality and territorial integrity of States, and, in this spirit, recognized the Sahara region as an integral part of the Kingdom of Morocco", he stressed.