HM the King: At the UN, Outdated, Unrealistic Approaches and Proposals Were ‘Laid to Rest’

HM King Mohammed VI underlined Saturday that all unrealistic approaches and proposals regarding the Moroccan Sahara issue were “laid to rest”.

“At the UN, the latest Security Council resolutions have laid to rest outdated, unrealistic approaches and proposals” regarding the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, the Sovereign pointed out in a speech on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Green March.

Those resolutions have also insisted on the actual participation of the real parties concerned in this regional conflict and have irreversibly endorsed the political solution based on realism and consensus as the path forward, the monarch added, noting that this policy is in line with the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative, which is backed by the Security Council and the influential powers as the sole normal course of action for the settlement of this dispute.

At the level of the African Union, and with Morocco’s return to its African family, this pan-African organization has freed itself from the manipulations it had been subjected to for years, HM the King said, adding that the African Union has now adopted a constructive stance, which consists in providing full support - through the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council - to the United Nations Organization as the sole institution in charge.

On the legal and diplomatic front, a number of sister nations have opened consulates general in the cities of Laayun and Dakhla, thereby explicitly and unequivocally recognizing the Moroccanness of the Sahara, the Sovereign pointed out, adding that they are, thus, attesting to the security, stability and prosperity enjoyed by the inhabitants of Morocco’s southern provinces.

At the same time, the vast majority of the international community refuses to endorse the views peddled by the other parties, the Monarch said, noting that as a result, the number of countries which do not recognize the fictitious entity now stands at 163, or 85% of UN Member States.

This trend has been further bolstered by the adoption of constructive positions by the global powers through, for example, the conclusion of strategic and economic partnerships that incorporate - without exceptions or reservations - the Kingdom’s southern provinces, which are an indivisible part of the Moroccan territory, HM the King underlined.

The Sovereign stressed in this regard that Morocco reiterates its sincere commitment to cooperate with His Excellency the Secretary-General of the United Nations, within the framework of the relevant Security Council resolutions so as to achieve a final solution based on the Autonomy Initiative.