Belgian Minister of State: HM the King Advocated Common Sense Solution for Western Sahara

M King Mohammed VI has advocated a common sense solution that suits everyone, Belgian Minister of State André Flahaut said Sunday.

By reiterating Morocco's sincere commitment to collaborate with the UN Secretary-General, within the framework of the Security Council resolutions, to achieve a final solution to the Sahara issue, the Sovereign defends "the quest, within multilateralism and the framework of the United Nations, for a solution of common sense that is balanced, negotiated and respectful of the will of citizens. This is the only possible way," MP and Former Minister of Defense told MAP.

"There are enough conflicts in the world today in which children and families are victims. Political leaders must therefore find the wisdom to engage in the search, with the support and within the framework of international organizations, for concrete and sustainable solutions", Former Speaker of Belgian house of Representatives added. Morocco's autonomy initiative for the Sahara region falls within that framework, he added.

"It is a line that I have always followed and that the Belgian government defends," Flahaut underlined.

Commenting the symbolism of commemorating the anniversary of the Green March, the Belgian MP stressed that "commemorating the events that took place is an important element in building a society where generations understand what happened and are aware and more able to analyze situations and invest in taking responsibility with full knowledge of the facts."

"Recalling historical facts and using these facts as a basis for working within the international framework is the gist of the King's speech: finding a solution that fits precisely in the international context," he concluded.