Over 70 Italian Organizations, NGOs Condemn Provocative Actions Carried Out by Polisario Militias i

More than 70 NGOs, associations and municipalities in Italy have condemned the provocative actions carried out by Polisario militias in the Guerguerat, describing these actions as serious threats to peace and stability in the entire Sahel-Sahara region, which is "already shaken by acts of terrorism, drug and human trafficking as well as radicalization in the area near the Sahel."

In a call launched as part of an initiative led by the Calabria Roma Europa Foundation, which brings together more than 180 municipalities, these NGOs, associations and representatives of local authorities recalled that the Security Council and the UN Secretary General have condemned these provocative acts.

They also called on the Italian government to adopt "a firm position in view of the multiple implications of the situation on peace and security in our immediate surroundings and in the Mediterranean."

The signatories of the appeal call upon the Italian government, MPs, local elected officials and representatives of the civil society, "who have consistently supported the peace process and the efforts of the UN Secretary General for a political solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, to take a close look in the dramatic human rights situation prevailing in the Tindouf camps and to inquire closely about the fate of the humanitarian aid granted by our country and misappropriated by the polisario leaders for their own personal benefit, as denounced by the European Parliament and several international organizations."

Expressing their resolve to continue denouncing the humanitarian and human rights situation to which the populations in the polisario camps are subjected, the signatories hold Algeria, the host country of these camps, responsible under international law, urging it to allow the census of these populations to place them under the protection of the HCR.

They also welcomed the adoption on October 30, 2020 of Resolution 2548 on the Moroccan Sahara by the United Nations Security Council.

The call highlights the UN Security Council's steadfast support for the political process under the aegis of the UN Secretary General and his Personal Envoy to achieve a negotiated, lasting, realistic, pragmatic and compromise-based political solution to this regional dispute.

It also emphasizes the prominence given once more by the Security Council to the autonomy initiative presented by Morocco in 2007 as the basis for this political solution.

Furthermore, the signatories of the document call on Algeria, which is recognized once more in resolution 2548 as a main party in this regional dispute, to fully assume its responsibilities and engage in good faith in the political process to end the suffering of the populations held against their will by the armed polisario militias in Tindouf, on Algerian territory.