Former Algerian Prime Minister: We attempted to undermine Morocco car industry

In response to a question about 34 billion Algerian dinars wasted during his tenure under the pretext of establishing car manufacturing plants in Algeria, former Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal claimed at his trial session held yesterday, Wednesday, that it was intended to "destroy a neighboring country."

Sellal declared, according to reports by Algerian newspaper Echorouk, that his policy was "aimed at manufacturing cars in Algeria, which angered a neighboring country."

The former Algerian PM denied all charges against him and stated: "About the car manufacturing topic, and I say it for history’s sake, I was the prime minister in 2014 when Algeria was going through very difficult times, although Algerians were not in need of anything ... You also know as well as I do that the president of the republic at the time I took over the first cabinet was ill. I faced alone all the security, economic and political aspects "

Sellal continued, "Mr. President, I have to remind you of the problems that Algeria was stumbling into during that period, along with the tremendous costs of car importation… we had to move to the car industry as an urgent necessity, but proceeding with this endeavour was very problematic for a neighboring country. When they acted to overthrow me, first on YouTube and by tarnishing my reputation, I knew at that moment the economic war had begun. "

It is to mention that Algeria attempted to compete with Morocco in the auto industry sector, as the French Renault company established a manufacturing plant in the state of Oran in 2014. The plant was however not able to meet the needs in Algeria and was not authorized to export its production abroad, unlike the factories in Morocco, granting the Kingdom the first rank on African automotive industry.