The Kingdom of Morocco, through its ambassador to Spain, Ms. Karima Benyaich, has condemned “in the strongest terms” the acts of vandalism and violence against its consulate in the Spanish city of Valencia.

We followed this morning, the criminal and irresponsible acts that the Polisario ordered through a handful of criminals who hung what I would simply call a rag at the level of the enclosure of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Valencia in place of the national flag," Ms. Benyaich told reporters on Sunday.


"Following this cowardly and abject action, the Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Valencia immediately proceeded to the return of the national flag," the diplomat added.


"As Ambassador of His Majesty the King to Spain, I wish to express our indignation and condemn in the strongest terms these acts of vandalism and violence, which, like what happened in Guerguarat, confirms the mafia and outlaw character of its sponsors".


Benyaich insisted on recalling that "these deliberate and absolutely unacceptable acts take place the various calls of provocation launched this week by the so-called representatives of the Polisario, urging their supporters to demonstrate in front of all the Moroccan representations in Europe".


At the same time, she added, the Kingdom of Morocco "takes note of the condemnation of the Spanish authorities who considered these acts illegal and not in conformity with international law and the commitment of the Spanish Government to no longer allow these acts which only confirm the criminal character of these militias".


Morocco "also takes note of the measures that will be taken by the Spanish authorities to ensure respect for the integrity and inviolability of our diplomatic and consular missions in Spain," Benyaich pointed out.


The Moroccan diplomat insisted that this umpteenth provocation only reflects the Mafia methods of the Polisario, expresses once again the headlong rush forward of the Polisario in the current context and recalls the very nature of this criminal and outlaw separatist organization which never ceases to call on its supporters to commit acts of violence and vandalism.