Polisario is Involved in 'Arms, Human Beings and Drugs Trafficking': Former French PM

The Polisario is involved in the trafficking of arms, people and drugs and therefore represents a real threat to security in the Sahel region, said on Friday the former French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls.


Valls, who was the guest of Spanish TV Channel "Antena3", described as "irresponsible" the positions of Podemos, a minority party in the Spanish coalition government, on the Moroccan Sahara and the separatists, "knowing that the Polisario is involved in the trafficking of arms, human beings and drugs in the Sahel region".


"One should not sing offstage," Valls warned, calling on the Spanish government to "be responsible and take up the challenges facing the country and Europe".


The former French PM has also said that Morocco is an important ally for Europe.


"Morocco is a major ally in the fight against terrorism and Jihadism which constitutes a great challenge for Europe", Valls pointed out.


"We have thousands of radicalized people in our countries, for this reason we need the collaboration of African countries, and more particularly of Morocco", he noted in this regard.