European Parliament, Commission Questioned about Assassination of Two Young Men from Tindouf Camps b

The European Parliament and the European Commission were questioned about the case of the assassination, last October, of two young people from the Tindouf camps, by the Algerian army.

The case dates back to October 19 when two young Sahrawis were burned alive by Algerian soldiers while they were at the bottom of a gold trench not far from the Tindouf camps.


The two victims, barbarously killed by the Algerian army, had been identified as Mha Ould Hamdi Ould Soueilem (from the Reguibat tribe) and Alioune Al Idrissi (from the Brabiche tribe).


In a question addressed to the European Commission on this despicable criminal act, European deputy Massimiliano Salini drew attention to the situation prevailing in this area under the responsibility of Algeria.


He also highlighted the poisonous climate prevailing in Algeria, which is prey to social and political unrest due to the situation of fundamental freedoms in this country and the repression suffered by dissident movements, as well as abuses against political prisoners, not to mention the forced expulsion of refugees, including children.