Spain Calls for "Political and Just" Solution for Western Sahara issue

Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation Arancha Gonzalez Laya said that her country is calling for a "political and just" solution to the Sahara issue on the basis of the UN parameters.


"We defend the search for a political and just solution which meets all the parameters laid down in the resolutions of the United Nations", underlined Gonzalez Laya in an interview with the newspaper ABC, issued on Sunday.

The top Spanish official emphasized the importance of respecting the ceasefire and the appointment of a new personal envoy of the UN Secretary General so that he "can provide a negotiated channel for this solution".

With regard to Spain's relationship with the parties concerned by this issue, Gonzalez Laya noted that her contacts with her "Moroccan, Mauritanian and Algerian counterparts are permanent. They are part of the cycle of very fluid, weekly contacts".

In addition, the Minister reiterated that Spain's position on this issue is set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specifying that this point is included in the Government Agreement which gave rise to the formation of an executive of coalition between the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and Podemos.