Omar Hilale

Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN, Ambassador Omar Hilale, informed the members of the Security Council of the latest developments in the region of El Guerguarat in the Moroccan Sahara, in particular the commendable and successful intervention carried out by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) at this border crossing.


This operation allowed to put an end to the blockage caused by the militias of the "Polisario" and to restore civil and commercial movement at the level of this road axis connecting Morocco and Mauritania, said Hilale in two letters addressed to the executive body of the United Nations since November 13 and which will be published and recorded as official documents of the Security Council.


Hilale underlined, in these letters, that the action carried out by the FAR, aimed at putting a definitive end to the inadmissible violations by the "Polisario", of the cease-fire, of the military agreements and of the resolutions of the Council of security, in El Guergarat, took place in a peaceful manner, without any threat or harm to the life and security of civilians, adding that this action took place in the presence of MINURSO, which fully observed it.


No casualties were recorded during this non-offensive action and without any belligerent intention, insisted Hilale.


He added that the legitimate action carried out by Morocco was unanimously and greatly welcomed by the Moroccan people in all its components, particularly the populations of the Sahara. It also received strong and active support from the international community, pointing out that a very large number of African, Arab, European, Latin American, Caribbean and other countries, as well as international and regional organizations unanimously supported the decisive action of Morocco, which made it possible to restore free movement in the crossing of El Guerguarat.


In these letters, the Ambassador also informed the members of the Security Council of the content of the telephone conversation that HM King Mohammed VI had with the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, on November 16, on the latest developments in the Moroccan Sahara issue, mainly the situation in the El Guerguarat area.


These letters said that during this call, HM the King underlined that after the failure of all the laudable attempts of the Secretary-General, Morocco shouldered its responsibilities within the framework of its most legitimate right and restored the situation in El Guerguarat, definitively resolved the problem and restored the fluidity of movement in this area between Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, specifying that the Kingdom will continue to take the necessary measures to ensure order and guarantee safe and smooth movement of people and goods in this area.


In addition, HM the King reaffirmed to Guterres Morocco's constant commitment to the ceasefire. With the same force, the Kingdom remains firmly determined to react, with the greatest severity, and within the framework of self-defense, against any threat to its security and the tranquility of its citizens, affirmed the Sovereign.


The letters specified that HM the King assured the UN Secretary General that Morocco will continue to support his efforts in the political process. The latter should resume on the basis of clear parameters, involving the real parties to this regional dispute and allowing a realistic and achievable solution under the sovereignty of the Kingdom.