Successful Securing of El Guerguarat Crossing Led to 'New Diplomatic and Political Reality' - Govt.

The successful securing of the El Guerguarat crossing has led to a "new diplomatic and political reality," Head of Government, Saad Dine El Otmani, said on Thursday in Rabat.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, held through video-conference, El Otmani highlighted the life-saving operation conducted under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, stressing that this bold intervention was characterized by wisdom, firmness and foresight.


El Otmani, as quoted in a statement read by the government spokesperson, Saaid Amzazi, at a press briefing after the cabinet meeting, noted that everyone was mobilized and expressed his position and enthusiasm to support national diplomacy and all the efforts made by the Kingdom. This intervention, in the service of the Nation, peace and stability in the region, has been highly praised around the world, he added.


The El Guerguarat crossing does not only link Morocco to Mauritania. It is rather an international road linking the North and South, El Otmani underlined, adding that this reality has prompted many friends and brothers of Morocco to express, through statements and in an unprecedented way, their unequivocal support for this intervention, for the Kingdom's territorial integrity and for the Moroccan Sahara.


El Otmani also welcomed the decision of some countries to open more consulates in Morocco's Southern Provinces, highlighting the national moblilization and initiatives in favor of Morocco's territorial integrity.


These developments "angered the enemies and inflicted serious damage to them," since they found no other way but to engage in a flight forward, unfounded accusations and fake news through videos and images that have no connection with the area of El Gueguarat, the minister said.


On Morocco's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, El Otmani stated that meticulous preparations for the vaccination operation are underway.


In that regard, he assured citizens that the vaccine chosen by the Kingdom is a safe and effective one, in the opinion of experts, the Moroccan Scientific Commission and the competent authorities.


El Otmani hoped that everyone will contribute to the success of the vaccination operation which will be a major turnaround in the face of the pandemic.


He also referred to the economic recovery plan launched by HM King Mohammed VI, noting that the battle to develop and improve the living conditions of citizens in the southern provinces and all regions of the Kingdom continues.