'Polisario' that Maintains Links with All Armed movements in the Sahel 'Jeopardizes Stability and P

By violating openly and officially the cease-fire established in 1991 and still respected by the Kingdom of Morocco, the Polisario "jeopardizes peace and security in the whole region, rendering it a breeding ground for terrorism," warned former Wali (Governor) of the region of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, Mohamed Salah Tamek, stressing that the group maintains ties with all the armed movements in the Sahel.

"Established since September 6, 1991, and still respected by the Kingdom of Morocco, the ceasefire has just been openly and officially violated by "Polisario" by literally flouting the military agreements signed (...) the Polisario announces the end of the ceasefire agreement and the return to armed hostilities and places all its machinery in a state of war, thrusting the whole region into a state of turmoil and jeopardizing peace and security, rendering it a breeding ground for terrorism," underlined Tamek in a letter addressed to US President-elect Joe Biden.

On the El Guerguarat event, the former university professor said that the Kingdom of Morocco has always maintained a buffer zone between itself, Algeria and Mauritania and that "it was not imposed on it."

"The UN know the berm was built well before the cease-fire. Since September 1991 and the implementation thereof, the road between Morocco and Mauritania was open and the flow of people and goods was respected by all parties", Tamek said, stressing that these last years, Polisario leadership "seems to have a fixation on this chunk of desert," threatening sometimes the Dakar rally participants and some other times stopping trucks, and vehicles from crossing the border.

"Last October 2020, they did not only hamper vehicles movements, but they brought from Tindouf area, 2000 km far north, soldiers and female civilians to block the road altogether. This resulted in holding people, goods and trucks as hostages for over two weeks. The UN and the MINURSO were witnesses," reads the letter.

Polisario leadership considered neither the coronavirus situation nor the hardship of the drivers and travelers who were peaceful people and jumped on the occasion of the Security Council meeting to put everybody before a fait accompli, deplored Tamek who worked for several years with the UN and the MINURSO.

Indeed, Polisario infringed the freedom of movement of goods and people entirely blocking this crossing point, in defiance of all international conventions on the matter, especially in this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, he said.

Tamek also highlighted the links maintained by the polisario with armed movements in the Sahel especially since the emergence of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, noting that the terminology used by the polisario on the cease-fire was drawn from the register usually used by ISIS.

He referred in that regard to armed elements of Polisario including the Saharawi leader named Abulwalid Assahraoui had joined the ranks of the Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, an Al Qaeda affiliate.

In his letter, Tamek informed the US President-elect of the troubles related to trafficking of all kinds by Polisario members: human trafficking, narco-trafficking and smuggling of all types including that of camels!

Drawing on its legitimate rights and in line with international law and signed agreements, Morocco, faced with the high conflict situation created by Polisario preventing the movement of goods and people, has no other option than using peaceful force to disentangle the road axis crossing the buffer zone of Guergarate linking Morocco to Mauritania, after informing all the neighboring countries, except one, according to the letter.

In so doing, Morocco carried out an inoffensive operation with no warlike purposes nor did it fire any bullet, ensuring that the use of arms be restricted to self-defense, Tamek added, noting that by acting this way, Morocco only reinstalled legality and freedom of movement of people and traffic.

"Morocco, the first state to have recognized the independence of the United States back in the 17th Century is squeezed between Algeria from east and the Atlantic Ocean from west. The only outlets are the strait of Gibraltar from North and the Guergarat border post from South. Any blocking of the last outlet would mean suffocating this long-lasting ally and ever-reliable counterterrorist partner of your country," he concluded.