Morocco: Diplomat Lays Bare Allegations by Some Dissonant Voices on Social Media

Morocco's Consul General in Rennes, Najoua El Berrak, exposed, in an interview with "Maghreb TV" Channel, the false allegations and the untruths conveyed by some dissonant voices on social media with regard to Morocco and its institutions.


El Berrak underlined that these are campaigns orchestrated by individuals who focus on personal matters to serve agendas known to all and to receive material benefits.


The issues raised by these manipulated people date back to a bygone era in Morocco, having been resolved within the framework of official institutions such as the Equity and Reconciliation Commission and through a process of transitional justice that was widely hailed by the international community, she went on.


According to the Moroccan diplomat, these people only relate lies, animated by a spirit of revenge towards the Kingdom, noting that instead of following institutional and official channels to present their grievances, they have decided to spread them in an ostentatious and ridiculous way on social media with the vile aim of harming their country.


Through their maneuvers, these individuals seek to place themselves above Moroccan laws and institutions and beg for advantages and privileges, she said.


Strangely enough, these people, who present themselves as victims in Morocco, unduly demand compensation, while they are known for their dubious actions in several countries, particularly in Europe, which hosts them, the diplomat pointed out.


These was evidenced by the violence perpetrated by pro-Polisario elements recently in Paris against a demonstration of support for the Moroccanness of the Sahara, when members of the Moroccan community, mostly women accompanied by their children and the elderly, had been beaten by the minions of the Polisario clan, she recalled.


These provocative voices have no influence on public opinion, the diplomat stressed, adding that through lies and slander, they seek to sow discord and distort reality in the service of agendas known to all.


"These maneuvers in no way undermine the will and determination of Morocco which is advancing calmly on the path of change", concluded the diplomat, while welcoming the patriotism and the mobilization of the Moroccan community, particularly in its consular district for the defense of the sacred causes of the Kingdom.