Political Dynamic Created by US Decision Forces Parties to Negotiate Solution Based on Moroccan Sove

The U.S. decision to recognize the sovereignty of Morocco over the Sahara obliges the other parties to resume negotiations to reach a solution within the framework of the sovereignty of Morocco, underlines, Monday, Spanish daily newspaper "ABC".


"The diplomatic and political dynamic created by the American decision clearly exerts pressure on the parties to negotiate a solution based on autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty," the newspaper pointed out.


In this regard, the author of the article, Javier Fernandez Arribas, calls on the Spanish government to adopt a "position consistent with the political, economic, social, cultural and security interests shared with its Moroccan neighbors".


"Time is running out. Spain must take a decision on a situation which for years has created emotional political conditions to protect the weak. However, reality has shown that it is a manipulation of the life of thousands of human beings" in the Tindouf camps, ABC said, adding that the current situation is the result of the ambition of Algeria and its allies to have an exit and military bases in the Atlantic.


"All indicators show that other influential European countries like the United Kingdom will follow in Washington's footsteps" and recognize Morocco's sovereignty over its southern provinces, the Spanish paper underlined.


In addition to the politico-strategic component, ABC reports the "growing unease" among the populations held against their will in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, "exhausted by a miserable life and without prospects for the future", notng that the "terrorist groups of the Sahel are tightening the circle around young Sahrawis who give in to the need for the money offered by the terrorists to join their ranks".


Fernandez Arribas, also director of the magazine "Atalayar" specializing in Maghreb affairs, also underlined the mobilization of the inhabitants of the Moroccan Sahara to defend the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and the economic and social development experienced by the southern provinces of Kingdom.