Algerian Regime Gets Hysterical after Recognition of Morocco's Sovereignty over Its Sahara (Editoria

The recognition by the USA of the full and entire Moroccan sovereignty over its Sahara has triggered a "real collective hysteria" among the current regime in Algiers, wrote the editorial writer of the monthly BAB in its issue N° 31 under the title "Une risée internationale" (The world's laughing stock).


For a country that has always claimed to be neutral with respect to this issue - which means that it declared having no direct interest of its own- and that it only defended a principled position on self-determination of the peoples, the pathological reaction (of the Algerian regime) causes, indeed, confusion especially for those who believed in this imposture, said the editorial of BAB by Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, managing director of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP).


The old generals of Algiers, educated at the East German propaganda school before the fall of the Berlin Wall, launched a campaign of blatant lies against Morocco that almost all of the country's media outlets, without any form of deontological restraint, or ethical doubt, have parroted in a pitiful choir that has largely undermined their honor and professional dignity, noted BAB magazine.


They want to annul the sovereign decision of the United States of America on the Moroccan sovereignty over its Sahara by childish, strident cries of rage and immature hoaxes as if a state like the USA was going to be influenced by the grotesque ideas of sickly, deficient generals who led their own country to bankruptcy, the columnist wondered.


"So what is the weight of Algiers, today, among other nations, to think that it could influence, through propaganda, a sovereign decision by Washington?" wondered Hachimi Idrissi, noting that the Algerian regime "which remained in a frozen state since the 1970s cannot, of course, comprehend the current challenges and issues".


The balance of power, the geopolitical considerations, the strategic deals and national interests are the one which prevail, not wooden swords swirled by puny sublet arms, wrote the editorial of MAP's monthly magazine, deeming that "other influential countries will follow in the footstep of the American decision, while the Prussian fantasy of Houari Boumediène to create a tailored 6th state in the Maghreb will be definitively buried by the international community under the UN aegis".


The presence in power of old illegitimate generals, despoilers of the country's independence and its resources, overwhelmingly rejected by the population, makes Algeria's voice no longer audible or credible, added the editorial.


The only self-determination that is worthwhile today is that of the Algerian people who await a return to a civil state, to the establishment of an authentic democracy, to a better use of its wealth and its protection against predation, to a free, transparent and competitive economy, to a real regional integration policy which finally opens up prospects for collective prosperity and to releasing the creative energies of young people, it underlined.


Instead, the wheelchair waltz with fake presidents at the helm of a twilight regime continues to make this proverbially proud country an international laughing stock. The current headlong rush of this regime of old "corporals", which thinks it can find in an enactment of war - at least by the intermediary of Polisario mercenaries - an escape from its sealed fate, is ultimately doomed, it concluded.