Multidisciplinary University School inaugurated in Smara, Laayoune Medicine & Pharmacy School to op

A multidisciplinary university School has been inaugurated lately in the Saharan city of Smara located in the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region.


Built over a 69,500 m2 area, the academic institution offers students classes in foreign languages, translation, Islamic studies, and computing science.


It has three lecture halls, ten 60-seat rooms, a laboratory, in addition to buildings for the administrative and teaching staff.


To meet the needs of the local job market, the school, which can accommodate up to 2500 students from the Sahara region, has diversified its teaching program and syllabi for students wishing to graduate with a bachelor degree in economics, mathematics, computing engineering, foreign languages, business management…


The city also witnessed the inauguration of a second vocational training center offering applicants training in hairdressing, cooking, etc…




Few days after the inaugurations in Smara, Minister of Education Saaid Amzazi announced that the Medicine and Pharmacy School of Laayoune will open its doors in the next academic year.




The minister said that “it was agreed with the local authorities and the heads of Laayoune El-Sakia El Hamra region and Laayoune municipality to accelerate the pace of works so that the institution is ready within its specified deadline.”




The school, requiring an estimated budget of 257 million DH ($28.413 million), will have several facilities including training centers, a 400-seat amphitheater, three 50-seat training rooms, and a library.




It will also include practical and theoretical teaching rooms, specialized laboratories, research centers, classrooms and tutorial rooms, in addition to technical and social-sports premises.




The Medicine and Pharmacy School construction is part of the development program launched in the region.