Nasser Bourita: Spain created the crisis with Morocco and made Europe assume it

The first truth is that Morocco is not obliged, has no vocation or obligation to protect borders other than its own. Morocco is neither the policeman nor the guardian of Europe to protect borders that are not its own.

Morocco does not do so by injunction, nor by obligation. Morocco has done a lot in the field of migration cooperation, not by obligation, or in exchange of something. It has done so as part of a partnership. A partnership between Morocco and Spain and a partnership between Morocco and the EU. But the partnership is not à la carte. Partnership means first of all that the strategic interests of the partners are well understood.

First of all, Morocco has never acted as a service provider in exchange for a financial contribution. What Morocco receives on average from the EU does not exceed 300 million euros per year, which is less than 20% of the cost assumed by Morocco in the fight against migration.

During the last 4 years Morocco has dismantled :

-8,000 human trafficking cells, 14,000 illegal migration attempts, including 80 attempts to enter or storm the city of Sebta.

- Exchange over 9000 information with Spain on illegal migration.


- Good neighborhood is not a one-way process. It is not a responsibility of Morocco and a freedom of its partners to act against its interests.



The problem is badly presented, as if Morocco has obligations to act to protect Europe. Morocco does it as a partner. The partnership must be mutual. It is based on the interests of both sides. One cannot scheme against the partner overnight and ask him the next day to be loyal. 


Spain has not consulted the EU before taking decisions that affect the interests of Morocco / or before passing schenghen norms to accept the entry of fraudulent person wanted by the Spanish justice. Spain has created a crisis and wants to make the EU assume it.

Contrary to what the spanish MFA said, there has been no contact since the beginning of the crisis. morocco has not been informed of the arrival of this individual. is it normal in a state of law to falsify a passport and usurp an identity in order to bring someone into european territory? is it normal that he is being prosecuted for 4 complaints of rape, terrorism in the canary islands, torture?

-Morocco distinguishes between very good relations with almost all EU countries, and a bilateral crisis caused by a hostile attitude of Spain. They try to hijack the debate and create a Morocco-EU crisis that does not exist.

- You know Morocco's position on the status of Sebta, it is a problem that Morocco discusses frankly with European countries as part of its responsibility, in recent years the EU has not heard about this western front of its borders. 


- Why? Because a country deploys 20,000 security agents taken from the security of Moroccans to act as a partner. There is a problem of trust, of mutual respect with the direct partner in a crisis that Spain itself has created, it is up to them to find the solution. if they think they are going to continue with the same procedures for receiving the man, they are only looking for the deterioration, the aggravation of the situation and even the rupture.