4 pro-Algeria MEPs call to ban Moroccan diplomats in EU Parliament

After being denied entry to Moroccan soil, where they planned, in accordance with  Algerian guidelines to force their entry to the southern provinces, and declare under the protection of MINURSO for  full sovereignty over its territories in the Moroccan Sahara , 4 MEPs cried vengeance at a press briefing organized by them. 

Ivo Vajgl MP Slovenian ALDE Group (center right), Vincent Ramon Gorles Spanish Member of the European Socialist Group, Isabella Lavin Swedish MEP group European Greens and their leader Spanish MEP Willy Meyer, have together called on the European Parliament to prohibit the entry of Morocco's ambassador to Brussels. 

In addition, the government spokesman, Minister Mustapha El Khalfi of the PJD party  has called the refusal of entry  at theMoroccan border of  these four MEPs was  a sovereign decision.