Activists launch Petition to correct Morocco’s map on Google Maps and Facebook

Thousands of Moroccans were at some time –or many times- of their use of the Internet hurt to find the map of their country split into two parts, the northern part being designated as Morocco and the southern part named the Western Sahara.

This recognition of the separatist movement of the Polisario and manifest bias against Morocco’s territorial integrity is seen as unfair by Moroccans.

 Recently, activists launched a petition for the correction of Morocco’s map on Google Maps and Facebook.

The action is deemed very important for the defense, protection and respect of Morocco’s territorial integrity and complies with the article 38 of the constitution which states that “all citizens contribute to the defense of the country and its territorial integrity against any aggression or threat.”

The activists behind this cause, which was launched on June 29th, seek to attain 1,000,000 signatures. They also call on all Moroccan internet users to upload the official, correct and intact map of Morocco on all digital platforms on the internet so that it can become a reference in all major search engines.

It should be noted that was the first website to publish the correct map of Morocco on to facilitate the observation of the latest parliamentary elections on the integrity of Moroccan territory.

While waiting for an official correction of the map of Morocco by google and Facebook, Software Centre Company, the founder of has developed a new map with the actual boundaries, including the Sahara.