Advanced Regionalization Can Settle Sahara issue

The advanced regionalization implemented by Morocco as a new model of territorial governance can settle the Sahara issue, said on Wednesday in Bern, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the two Houses of the Swiss Federal Assembly, Filippo Lombardi. 


"The advanced regionalization will allow Morocco to find good solutions to the Sahara issue", he told MAP following a meeting with Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, on a working visit to Switzerland at the head of an important parliamentary delegation. 


He also praised the democratic process in Morocco and the advanced regionalization accomplishments, hailing the excellent bilateral relations, reflected by numerous cooperation agreements in several areas. 


The meeting with the Moroccan parliamentary delegation was an opportunity to exchange ideas on the relations between Morocco and Switzerland, as well as the challenges facing the Euro-Mediterranean region, including the migration challenge, said Mr. Lombardi.