After Wave of Protests in Tindouf Camps, Polisario Declares State of Emergency

In a statement sent to MWN, the Forum said that on “Tindouf camps in Algerian territory are being impacted by protests and mass demonstrations led directly by the population.”Events which broke out throughout the camps of Awsard, Smara, then Boujdour were marked by a social uprising of the whole population, declaring an avowed state of rebellion until their demands are met.

The protesters in the camps are holding the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees responsible for protecting the Sahrawi refugees, restoring them their full rights which were violated by the militias and military forces of the Polisario adversing impacting the Sahrawi refugees.

The same source added that the intervention of police forces of the Polisario against protesters in the camp of Smara resulted in minor injuries to people.

Last December, waves of anger and protests shook the refugee camps charging the Polisario chiefs with embezzling fuel destined for the camps.

The Polisario leaders are said to have made a fortune from the sales of these products on the Mauritanian and Malian markets while the Saharawi population in the Tindouf and other camps continue to live in poverty and deprivation.