Algeria has decided to freeze its relations with Morocco. The spokesperson of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Sunday that his country had decided to severe its diplomatic relations with Morocco.

“There will be no meeting between the officials of both countries, especially those held in Morocco,” Omar Bellani, was quoted by the Algerian news outlet as saying.

 “The Algerian government will prevent any Algerian official from taking part in any activity held in Morocco, no matter how important it might be,” he added.

 The Algerian officials said this decision was made after the court of Casablanca had given a two-month suspended sentence to a Moroccan protester who broke into the compound of Algeria’s consulate in Casablanca and tore down the country’s flag during a diplomatic row.

 Bellani described the ruling as a “scandal,” adding that Morocco dealt with the issue as if the defendant had stormed an abandoned cottage or a private property.”



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  • anon
    لمرابط لحريزي (not verified)


    All this works to our advantage. Algeria's government is a Terrorist Government, it hosts POLISARIO which is headed by an Algerian Military Captain (TERRORIST). On top of all that it pays trouble makers to destroy personal properties inside Morocco.
    This is good News, we must all send (Sarcastic) thank you notes to Mouradia Palace.

    Finally, we can defend our boarders, without worrying about the emotions of Algeria's Rulers.

    Good Riddance.

    Dec 08, 2013