Algeria Distorts, Inaccurately Translates Kerry’s Speech on Presidential Election

Two days after US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s visit to Algeria, Washington issued a communiqué saying that Kerry’s statement at the opening of the US-Algeria Dialogue during his first visit to Algeria earlier this week was distorted.

Following the speech delivered by John Kerry, Algeria’s official news agency released a report in which it stated that the United States “expresses its satisfaction with the electoral process in Algeria.”

But the US State Department was quick in issuing a communiqué in which it denied that Kerry made such a statement, adding that his speech was distorted and inaccurately translated, which gives the impression that the United States endorse the electoral process and prejudges the transparency of the presidential elections.

“There has been some erroneous reporting on Secretary Kerry’s remarks at the Opening Plenary Session. You have the full English transcript of what Secretary Kerry said. However, we would like to provide for you the State Department’s French translation of Secretary Kerry’s statement that is being incorrectly reported,” said the statement of US State Department,” said the communique.

The US State Department pointed out that Kerry’s original statement that has been inaccurately translated is: “Lastly, you have an election coming up here in Algeria two weeks from now. We look forward to elections that are transparent and in line with international standards, and the United States will work with the president that the people of Algeria choose in order to bring about the future that Algeria and its neighbors deserve.”