Algeria fights autonomy option because of fear to apply it on itself

Geneva - Algeria fights the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the southern provinces because of its fear to apply it on itself, said on Tuesday chargé d'affaires of Morocco in Geneva Hassan Boukili.

The Algerian authorities fight autonomy not because it run counter the international law as they claim, but because they are afraid of such option for the Kabylie, Mzab and Chaouiya, said the diplomat at a UNHRC debate.

Boukili was speaking as part of his right to respond to the speech of the Algerian delegation which was biased in discussing the human rights situation in the Moroccan Sahara.

He recalled that Morocco submitted the autonomy initiative for the Sahara to close once and for all this regional political dispute in a democratic way, under its sovereignty and in the respect of the region's local specificities.

He also drew the UNHRC attention to the worrying human rights situation in the territories of Kabylie, Mzab and the camps of Tindouf.