Algeria should face facts, referendum option is outdated, expert

Algeria and its puppet in the Tindouf camps should face and accept the fact that, now more than ever, the extreme option is unfeasible and incompatible with the region's reality, a fact settled long ago by the United Nations.

The issue of referendum in the Moroccan Sahara was long ago settled by the United Nations after understanding that it is unworkable, said Mohamed Boutjdir, professor at New York University (NYU).

This statement of fact was made by the UN and not Morocco, he told MAP.

We have accepted the referendum and we have cooperated with the UN for the implementation of a referendum between 1991 and 2000, he recalled.

In 2000, the impossibility to gather an electorate led the UN to conclude that a referendum was inapplicable to the Moroccan Sahara for obvious reasons, added Boutjdir who is also president of the American Moroccan Competencies Network (AMCN).

Morocco has always acted in conformity with the UN conclusions and supported the UN efforts to reach a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution through its autonomy initiative which has been recognized as being realistic and credible.