Algeria: Two AQIM combatants killed in Tindouf, arms seized on Libyan borders

الجزائر تحبط تهريب كمية كبيرة من السلاح عبر تندوف

Two combatants affiliated to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) were killed in Tindouf (southwestern Algeria) in an operation conducted by the Algerian army which also seized weapons on the Libyan borders, reports Algeria daily “L’expression.”

Five other terrorists, including Mauritanian nationals, were arrested as Algerian soldiers chased for eight hours a convoy of 4X4 vehicles carrying more than twelve armed men, says the source.

The paper also reports that the army has seized along the Algerian-Libyan borders 17 Kalashnikov rifles, 3 machine guns and 5 anti-air missiles.

The weapons, coming from Libya via Mali, were bound for central Algeria hideouts where some elements of the Salafist Group for call and combat (GSPC) are hiding.