Algeria uses psychotropic drugs to undermine Morocco

Rabat - For Algeria, all means are good to undermine Morocco and its interests. In addition to a hyperactive and anti-Moroccan diplomacy and an Algerian oil mobilized to harm the Moroccan interests for millions of petrodollars, the Algerian services seem to have found another deadly weapon which are psychotropic drugs to destroy the Moroccan society by resorting to mafia networks of Algerian smugglers operating on the border though officially closed since 1994.

Flooding the Moroccan market of all kings of psychotropic drugs, called "karkubi" in the Moroccan dialect, is also a means to achieve this plot. Such stratagem is becoming a dangerous weapon in the hands of drug cartels, assisted by Algerian officials who despise Morocco and have ties with terrorist groups operating in the Sahel and Sahara region as the Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

The proof is the participation of AQIM emir Abdelkrim El Tergui in the drug summit, late October in Africa, which brought together Colombian cartels to establish new routes for cocaine. As several media outlets have stated, such as France Soir, the emir's participation in this event evidences the growing interest by the terrorist organization in drug trafficking.

Testimonies by citizens, associations and police services, mainly in the eastern region, show that a large amount of psychotropic drugs flooding Morocco come from our neighboring country Algeria, whose so-called solidarity committee with the Sahrawi people is organizing a summer university for polisario leaders under the theme of drug trafficking.