Intervened patrol officers Algerian army supported by units of militia Polisario yesterday strongly Tindouf camps to dismantle the picket lasted for more than two weeks was carried out by dozens of static Rabouni camp at the entrance to the camp Rabouni protest against the siege imposed on them by the elements of the Algerian army, which has become since a period not recognize permits to leave the camps Muslim separatist leadership of the party.


And was enveloped in the situation suddenly camps after the detention of the protesters - who are blocking since the duration of the entrance to the camps main protest against the humiliation and dealing provocative to them by the Algerian army units around the camps - for two trucks Sracetin loaded with fuel Algerian and revert to the ownership of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of illusion tried to bypass protesters and directing cargo large Algerian fuel for the purpose of being smuggled to the Mauritanian soil where Baader sitters to besiege the trucks and prevent it from moving, prompting the intervention of the Algerian army officers and militia separatists to dismantle Mutassim and enable my truck Mohamed Lamine Bouhali to continue its journey out of the camps under the protection of the Algerian army.

And authorities were Algerian military has tightened its control over access to the Tindouf camps and prevented dozens of cars and trucks from leaving the justification abuse of the activity of smuggling fuel Algerian towards Mauritania and is what sparked the protests after a long ban as well as supply convoys table and small retailers in the time that is a blind eye to the practice of senior MILF leaders abusing the camps through the ports of the various forms of smuggling, the daily pumping huge financial revenues and non Almriqbh their assets in the bank or open Plus Palmas Canary Islands