Algerian Regime Dealt Tough Blow to Maghreb Unity: French Expert

The Algerian regime has dealt a tough blow to Maghreb unity and it has a historical responsibility in a situation that is harmful to the people of the region and to Arab causes, Head of the French Observatory of Geopolitical Studies, Charles Saint-Prot, said on Wednesday.


Speaking during a conference at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Saint-Prot said that the first danger in the region is separatism and the division of Arab countries.


Sometimes, separatism is manipulated by some Arab regimes, he noted, citing the case of the Algerian regime which fueled separatism in the Sahara.


“Separatism undermines the future of Arabs and may trigger major destabilization,” he pointed out.


The Polisario is nothing but a puppet of Algeria which maintains shady links with drug traffickers and terrorist groups, he added.