Algerian Soldiers Enter Moroccan Territory, Arrest Three Moroccans

Soldiers in the Algerian army entered Moroccan territory at the border between the two countries and arrested three Moroccans, according to the Moroccan daily Al Massae in its Friday edition.

According to the same source, a child was among the three people arrested in a small village near Figuig at the frontier between Morocco and Algeria. The Algerians also confiscated the livestock owned by the three people, estimated at 272 sheep.

The three Moroccans were taken to the Awnat Houwara center in Algeria, where the Algerian police interrogated them. Afterwards, they were referred to the public prosecutor in the city of Boumias.
They are charged with “illegally entering the Algerian territory.”

So far, there has been no reaction from the Moroccan authorities.

This comes a few weeks after the Algerian army shot at a group of Moroccans at the border between the two countries. The shooting left one individual seriously injured.

After the shooting, Morocco summoned the Algerian Ambassador to Rabat, condemned the incident, and called on the Algerian authorities to open an investigation to determine the circumstances of the shooting.

But the Algerian Foreign Ministry dismissed Morocco’s complaint, saying that Rabat “fabricated the story.”