Algerian Soldiers Shoot Moroccan Citizens at the Borderline

Algerian Soldiers Shoot Moroccan Citizens at the Borderline

A Moroccan citizen was shot on Monday, August 31 by the Algerian border guards while crossing the border line.

According to Le360, the victim was admitted this evening to Emergency Services at Al Farabi Hospital, in Oujda, about 525 km northeast of Rabat.

The same source added that medical staff at Al Farabi Hospital informed the victim received all necessary medical care as soon as he arrived, adding that doctors were able to extract a bullet from his leg.

Another source cited in Le360 declares that the victim is presumably known for smuggling fuel from Algeria.

This merciless shooting of a Moroccan at the border by Algerian soldiers was not the first of its kind.

Last year, another Moroccan citizen was shot from across the border by a soldier on Algerian territory while he was sitting near his house at a neighborhood in Oujda, which is located on the Moroccan-Algerian borderline.

Despite the international outcry caused by this tragic event, and the evidence presented by Moroccan authorities to their Algerian counterparts, Algeria issued no apology for the incident, stressing they will do anything to protect their borders from drug smugglers.