Algiers starves the sequestered of Tindouf revenge; The Algeria prohibits camp residents to supply its markets

Algiers starves the sequestered of Tindouf revenge; The Algeria prohibits camp residents to supply its markets

Everything shows that the actions of the Algerian authorities are not and have never been compassionate. As proof, they applied all forms of exclusion and isolation to the Sahrawi populations sequestered in Tindouf camps who paid with their lives for their refusal to submit to the arbitrary decisions of the Algerian authorities.

With the intention of starving more to make them more docile and malleable, Alger has forbid them to supply the nearby city of Tindouf.

After set up roadblocks between the different camps, already surrounded by a barrier isolating them from the rest of the world and after shot at close range and without warning on the boldest of them tried to escape this prison that says not his name, the Algerian intelligence services just take the plunge, meaning the world that they will not hesitate to starve women, children and elderly Sahrawis who would not accept arbitrary decisions by generals who always dipped in diversion of food aid for the international community to these populations.

Following the murder of two young Sahrawis perpetrated by the Algerian gendarmes, a wind of revolt raged in various camps or those considered a Polisario police under his command have expressed their refusal to shoot the people who raised against impunity granted by the henchmen of Algiers in their minions.

That the latter, sadly known for the Suppression of events Ghardaya and against the Kabyles, use the application in the Tindouf camps, the same policy of starving people for their food then come against submission .

Today, those isolated from the rest of the world and hungry by a group that tries to reign for richer at the expense of women, elderly and children Sahrawi populations, are appealing to the international community, through Secretary General of the UN, to avoid the fate of the inhabitants of the Palestinian Al Yarmouk camp, Syria. The same call, the populations of the Tindouf camps aimed at NGOs and the media in the free world to put pressure on the Algerian authorities to enable them to access the supplies they prohibit them.

Moreover, Moroccan and African in particular active in the field of human rights associations in Italy have launched an urgent appeal to Robert F. Centre Kennedy for justice and human rights in order to respond to systematic violations of human rights in the Polisario camps.

In a letter to the representation of such a center in Italy, a copy of which was received Saturday at the MAP, the Network of Associations of the Moroccan community in Italy (RACMI) and the African Federation Toscana (FAT) including call “to all light “on the assassination last month, near the Algerian-Mauritanian border, by the Algerian army of two young Sahrawis who tried to escape” hell Tindouf “in Algeria.

These associations vigorously denounce the violent repression perpetrated by the Polisario militia against demonstrators in the Tindouf camps protesting in recent weeks against “violations of their rights and their human dignity.”

The representatives of these associations highlight in a statement that “the uprising of young Sahrawis against the dictatorship of Polisario mercenaries, should encourage some parties, who still believe in false theories of the separatist movement, to reflect on the true nature of the conflict in Sahara, the Algerian regime seeks at all costs, to continue endangering the peace of the entire region. “

"Through this uprising, this is a strong and clear message that these young people are trying to convey to the international community can no longer ignore the violations of the dignity of men and women in the camps of shame", they concluded.