The Andean Parliament unanimously expressed full support for Morocco’s initiative to grant autonomy to its southern provinces as a lasting political solution to the regional conflict over the Sahara.


The members of the Parliament, who met in the southern Chilean city of Pucon, cited UN resolution of April 30, 2007 describing the autonomy initiative as “serious and credible”.


Morocco is an observing member of the Andean parliament, which was created in 1979 with headquarters in Bogota. It entered into force in January 1984.


Last month, Speaker of the Parliament of the Andean community Fernando Meza who was on a visit to Rabat expressed support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and for the Kingdom’s efforts to settle the conflict over its southern provinces, the Sahara.


The Andean parliament is the governing and deliberative body of the Andean Community. It was created by virtue of the Constitutive Treaty signed by the chancellors of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. The process of Argentina’s membership is underway.


Besides Morocco, Spain, Mexico and Panama have also the status of observer member in this regional legislative institu-tion.