Another slap to the Polisario…

An international investigation was opened in the killing of the founder of the Polisario by Algerian agents.


An international Organization for Human Rights is taking action in opening an investigation concerning the killing of the founder of the Polisario, Mustafa AlSayed, in Mauritania, after discovering new leads concerning the file that was buried by the Algerian intelligence.


According to Mauritanian sources from the media, the international organization was approached by the Saharan people to open an investigation towards the killing of Mustafa AlSayed.


And the Mauritanian sources added that the preliminary leads that were given to the international organization were composed of a file containing witnesses and documents proving the killing of Mustafa AlSayed in a trap organized by Algerian agents in the area of Akjoujt near Nouakchot in compliance with followers from the Separatist group. The organization promises to follow through with the investigation justly and circumstantially. Before taking any decisions, the organization will make a public announcement at the end of the investigation.