Assault Against Moroccan Diplomat at C-24: UN Describes as 'Unfortunate' That Meeting Did Not Take Place ‘Peacefully’

Following the assault by an Algerian official against a Moroccan diplomat at a meeting of the UN Committee 24 (C-24), held in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, the UN described as "unfortunate" the fact that this meeting did not take place in a peaceful manner.


"Obviously, we are present to ensure that the meetings are held peacefully," said Farhan Haq, a UN spokesman, adding that "unfortunately, this is not what happened in this particular case."


Deputy head of mission at the Moroccan embassy in Castries (Saint Lucia), Mohamed Ali El Khamlichi, was the victim of an assault by director-general of the Algerian Foreign Ministry, Soufiane Mimouni,


"We hope that future C2-4 meetings will take place in a peaceful manner," Haq said.


In reaction to this incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said that at a time when several countries supported the participation of the legitimately elected representatives of the populations of the Kingdom’s southern provinces, the Algerian official attacked the Moroccan diplomat in a state of hysteria, in the presence of delegations from participating countries and the UN secretariat, the same source said.


El Khamlichi was taken to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment, the statement said, adding that a complaint, along with a detailed medical report, was lodged by the victim with the local police, against Soufiane Mimouni.