Associations Denounce Polisario’s “Violation of Children’s Rights”

Moroccan associations in Italy have sent a letter to various Italian media aimed at raising awareness and sensitizing the public to the systematic violations of children’s rights in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, according to the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).

On the occasion of The International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, also known as Red Hand Day, celebrated every February 12, the white Dove Organization, the International Movement for the completion of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Alliance of Moroccan Sahrawis in Europe have denounced the “crimes committed against children in the camps of Tindouf.”


The same source added that these associations highlighted the problem of exploiting the children in the camps through “propaganda campaigns and sending them to foreign countries for profit.”  They stated that each year, children between 8 and 13 years old are sent to countries such as Spain and Italy for the sole purpose of exploiting their innocence for political and material gain and to get the maximum possible profit from their presence in the host countries.


“The associations want to alert Italian public opinion to this alarming phenomenon and appeal to the international community and humanitarian organizations to intervene immediately to put an end to the plight of thousands of children and people sequestered in Tindouf hell,” said the agency.


In a letter to the European Parliament signed by the President of the Association of Friends of Morocco in Poland, Jalal Bensaid, the association called upon the European Parliament, following the supression by Polisario elements of the peaceful demonstration of the refugees in the Tindouf camps in Algerian territory, to assign “a European commission of inquiry to investigate events that led to the intervention of the Algerian authorities.”


The association also asked the European Union to ensure that Algeria “complies with international law concerning both the violations of the freedom of the press to which many journalists have been subject, and the independent observers and humanitarian organizations that cannot freely access, let alone move freely, in the camps of Tindouf.”


In a story published on Wednesday, referring to the latest report of The Potomac Institute’s International Center for Terrorism Studies (ICTS), which insists that “Polisario military units should be disbanded,” the Washington Post warned against the cooperation between terrorist groups and members of the Polisario in the region, adding that “al-Qaeda is spreading like wildfire in North Africa.”