Autonomy in ‘Western Sahara’ under Moroccan Sovereignty, Revolutionary Solution

Secretary executive of the Forum of Presiding Officers of Legislative Assemblies of Central America and the Caribbean Basin (FOPREL) Santiago Rivas Leclair described the autonomy proposal in the ‘Western Sahara’, under the Moroccan sovereignty, as a revolutionary and very advanced solution for the final settlement of this issue.

Rivas Leclair said in a statement to MAP, on the sidelines of his participation on Saturday in the 5th anniversary of the Latin-American parliament’s inception, that the autonomy proposal is distinguished by its revolutionary and very advanced aspect, insisting that this proposal “deserves our countries’ support.”

Leclair, who visited Morocco last October with a FOPREL delegation, noted that “we were very impressed by the Kingdom’s initiative to grant Sahrawi populations an autonomy that will enable them to manage their own affairs via elected local bodies.”

He went on saying that this proposal, which offers a glimmer of hope, will contribute to reaching a peaceful solution that is acceptable by all parties.