Belittling Laayoune means belittling Rabat, Morocco's reaction will be appropriate, Hilale

Geneva - Morocco's representative to the UN, Ambassador Omar Hilale affirmed, on Friday before the UNHRC in Geneva, that any accusation on alleged human rights abuses in the Sahara are comparable to an assault on the whole of Morocco.

"Belittling Laayoune means belittling Rabat, lying about Dakhla means lying about Tangiers and slandering Smara means slandering Fez," said Hilale at a UNHRC debate on minorities.

Territorial Morocco is indivisible as are the Moroccan people against Algerian adversity and diplomatic aggression, fueled by over 700 million dollars in the past two years, he said.

The diplomat was speaking as part of his right to respond to the statements by the Algerian ambassador on the situation in the Moroccan Sahara. Hilale also condemned serious human rights breaches in Algeria, mainly against the Mozabite and Kabyle minorities.