Les signataires de ce document ont déclaré "appuyer l'initiative de régionalisation avancée proposée par le Royaume du Maroc pour trouver une solution à un conflit qui affecte l'intégration des pays du Maghreb".

Signatories to the Bogota Declaration hailed Morocco's peace and regionalization initiative for the southern provinces and the Kingdom's return to the African Union (AU).


Several representatives of trade unions, academics, artists from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands adopted the Bogota Declaration, on the sidelines of the participation of the Chilean Centre for Maghreb Studies (CCEM), as a guest, in the constitutive congress of the "Alternative Démocratique Syndicale des Amériques" held on April 17-20 in Bogota.


The signatories said that they supported the initiative of extensive regionalization submitted by Morocco to find a solution to a conflict which affects Maghreb countries' integration.


They also lauded, as did the majority of African states, Morocco's return to the AU "a guarantee for peace, progress and understanding between African countries," according to the Bogota Declaration.