Brahim Ghali gathered dozens of people to send a message to the Front’s godfather. He began by greeting all Algerians, «the government, the people, the parties and others who showed support for the Sahrawi people», thanking them for backing the Front.


The Secretary General said he was convinced in «our victory». Nevertheless, he asked Algerians to be patient. «We will not disappoint you. But be patient with us a little bit. The victory is near», he promised.


It is indeed the first time that the leader of the Polisario publicly point out at the Algerian support.



 The economic situation in the neighbouring country is detoriating and Algeria might consider reducing the financial support granted to the separatist movement. Not to forget that in the recent months, Algiers has been more discreet when showing political support for the Polisario. Attending the 5th AU-EU wouldn’t have been possible without the South African support.


For the record, Brahim Ghali went to Algiers on November the 7th where held talks with the Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahya, but without being received by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.


«The talks have made it possible to carry out an assessment of the situation of the Western Sahara issue at the regional, African and international levels and to review the state of cooperation between Algeria and SADR», announced a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office.