The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies declared null and invalid a pro-polisario maneuver initiated by hostile circles to Morocco who wanted to create a "parliamentary front" in support of the polisario.

While the Moroccan autonomy Initiative for its southern provinces has just received strong and massive support in the Brazilian Congress, after the signing by a majority of deputies of a motion in support of the efforts undertaken by the Kingdom, a response as shady as unwelcome has been plotted by these circles hostile to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.


Sensing the scheme, more than 40 MPs have withdrawn their signatures from the said maneuver, while dozens more have taken domestic legal steps to withdraw their signatures.


Speaker of the Lower House of the Brazilian Congress, Rodrigo Maia, also formalized the invalidation of this maneuver by means of an official act dated May 29.


Last May 9, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies adopted, unanimously, a motion in support of the Moroccan autonomy initiative for its southern provinces and of the Kingdom's efforts to reach a political solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.


Under this document, the deputies ask the Brazilian parliament to officially express its support for Morocco's autonomy initiative for the Sahara, while respecting its territorial integrity and national sovereignty.


The document also called to support Morocco's efforts to reach a political, consensual and durable solution to the regional conflict over the Sahara, in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions calling for a solution based on the principles of realism and the spirit of compromise.