Jediyetu Mahmud Mohamed Zubeir brahim ghali

A British NGO has denounced the appointment of Brahim Ghali, a "fugitive from the Spanish justice" as head of a ghostly entity in Algiers' pay.


The appointment of a single candidate through a sham election in the total absence of opposition voices and with a score worthy of dictatorships is a shame, said Veronica Jane Bahaijoub, president of a British NGO and expert on Maghreb issues.


This shows the absence of any democratic process and confirms the hold of Algerian authorities on the Polisario, she told MAP, denouncing the maneuvers and mercenary attempts to conceal the deep divisions in their movement and the continuing suffering of thousands of families held against their will in Tindouf camps.


Algerian authorities use the electoral masquerade of Brahim Ghali to serve their own interests and distract the Algerian people of the political crisis that is worsening in Algeria, added Jane, whose NGO is interested in the situation of refugees and family issues.


She added that face to intrusive plots and the threats to resort to arms, Morocco serenely continues its efforts on the path of construction and socio-economic development of its southern provinces as part of a participatory and democratic approach.