Chissano wanted to put pressure on Morocco and not mediation

According to documents that have been circulating recently on twitter. The African union envoy Mr Joachim Chissano. Who has been appointed to broker peaceful negotiations, was rather being sent to pressure Morocco to accept a referendum on self determination.
Morocco strongly rejects any mediation of the African union on the subject of Western Sahara since the later recognized the Polisario front.
According to the same documents. Mr joachim, Who served as president of Mozambique until 2012. Has met sometime last june the assistant of the secretary general of the UN Mr Jan Eliasson. During their exchange Mr Chissano admitted that he was sent by the AU to pressure Morocco rather than serve as a mediator.
The document points out that the AU considers Spain as the only governing body in the Western Sahara. And does not recognize the Madrid agreement of 1975 between Morocco, Spain, And Mauritania which put an end to the colonization in the Sahara.
Mr Jan Eliasson has categorically denied any covenant between the UN and AU .