Choice of Morocco to host world human rights forum, recognition of Morocco's achievements in rights respect

Casablanca - The choice of Morocco to host the 2nd world human rights forum is an acknowledgement of achievements accomplished by Morocco in the field of human rights respect, said chairman of the Moroccan national human rights council (CNDH), Driss El Yazami.

The holding of this world event in Marrakech (November 27-30) is also a recognition of the vitality of national institutions and human rights-defense non-governmental organizations, El Yazami told MAP on the sidelines of the first international preparatory seminar of the world forum.

He added that this conference will be a major challenge to showcase the capacity of institutions and associations to contribute to the success of such an important forum, urging for mobilization of the Moroccan society's components (public authorities, government departments, associations and Human rights-advocacy organizations) for the success of this event.