Christopher Ross in Rabat Wednesday

Christopher Ross in Rabat Wednesday

The United Nations Secretary General’s Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, is due to start a visit to the region starting on Wednesday. After Rabat, the envoy is set to visit Tindouf, Algiers and the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott.

However, Christopher Ross will not visit Laayoune, the main city of the territory.

After his North African visit, Christopher Ross will also travel to the member countries of the Security Council: Spain, France, Britain, Russia and the United States. Spain is a non-permanent member of the UNSC.

The visit of Christopher Ross comes shortly after a telephone conversation between the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon and King Mohammed VI.

Since January 2009, Morocco and the Polisario held 10 informal rounds of negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy, Christopher Ross. All of these negotiations have ended without any progress.