Morocco, which has been at the forefront of effective, evolutionary political transformation, “has earned a particular expression of gratitude in our joint battle against radical Islam,” former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco, Marc Ginsbreg, said in a news analysis published on Thursday by Huffington Post.


In an article entitled “Morocco’s Dependable Friendship Warrants American Gratitude and Support,” Ginsberg pointed out that Morocco “has eliminated Al Qaeda and ISIS cells in North Africa and has trained and transformed Mauritanian, Chadian, Tunisian and Malian intelligence operations into more effective anti-ISIS success stories.”


“If Americans only knew how much Morocco has contributed to our nation’s well-being in the joint struggle against radical Jihadi extremists, they would take heart that there are such shining Muslim stars hovering above those stormy sands”, said the White House Middle East Adviser.


“In recent weeks, Morocco has provided vital counter-terrorism intelligence to U.S. and French authorities on ISIS converts and terrorists plotting attacks from bases in Belgium, Spain, France, Tunisia and Libya”, he said, hailing Morocco’s role in supporting the UN counterterrorism missions.


He underlined that Morocco is making a vital contribution to peace and stability by promoting economic development in the North and Sub-Saharan Africa, stressing that Morocco “remains one of the few peaceful, violence-free nations in the entire Middle East.”