A confidential document proves the presence of illegal activities carried out by the separatist Polisario front in the region, and the embezzlement of international humanitarian aid intended for the region. 


The document, received by Moroccan news outlet Le360, says that the separatist Omar Boulssen, an alleged human right activist, funds young people in the region to spread the front’s separatist ideologies. The activist, according to the document, lives in Las Palmas, Spain, from where he transfers money to his separatist group.


Boulssen’s strategy is aimed at attracting the largest number of young people to receive support for the so-called “separatist cause” and to engage them in devastating activities against Morocco’s sovereignty.


Boulssen has been supervising several pro-separatist activities in support of the front, in collaboration with the Coalition of Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders (CODESA) headed by the representative of the Polisario, Aminatou Haidar.


Boulssen, who has been funding young people to carry out illegal activities in the region, also supports pro-separatist associations inside the Tindouf camps and inside southern regions and in Morocco’s northern cities.


This strategy, which has been long supported by the Polisario, aims at undermining the stability of Morocco, provoking Morocco’s government and supporting demonstrations in the southern and northern regions of Morocco.


The front and Boulssen support these illegal activities through financial aid and “monthly salaries” transferred to institutions, associations, media outlets, students and separatist detainees, added the document.


The separatist institutions receive a monthly budget of around MAD 820,000 to spread propaganda in the region. These associations claim to be active in different relief efforts, including supporting detainees, women, children with special needs, media, equipment. But, according to the document, these activities are not the only actions carried out by these associations. The associations are also inciting Sahraoui people to denounce the “exploitation of natural resources” in Western Sahara.


The document reported by Le360 added that 17 associations active in southern cities receive monthly support from the Polisario front, as well as seven media outlets, 44 detainees and a group of students along with other members of the front, some of whom were involved in the Gdim Izik incident.


The document says that Aminatou Haidar, Ali Salem Tamek, Brahim Dehan, Sidi Mohamed Dadech, Hassanah Aalia receive EUR 500 monthly to spread separatist ideologies.