Buenos Aires - The decision by the African Union to appoint a so-called "special envoy" for the Moroccan Sahara is a grave provocation towards Morocco, said Argentinean political expert Adalberto Carlos Agozino.

In an article entitled "ridiculous decision", released on Tuesday by Argentinean independent news agency "Total News", the Argentinean academic added that the AU's illegal decision is prejudicial to the sovereignty of Morocco and an "interference" in the UN prerogatives, the only body tasked with finding a solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

Morocco is absolutely not concerned by this "unilateral" decision from an organization that has admitted, at the instigation of Algeria, the so-called "SADR", a fake entity devoid from all attributes of sovereignty as defined by the international law, said Carlos Agozino, professor at John F. Kennedy University in Buenos Aires.

The African Union has no right to intervene in the Sahara issue which is now in the hands of the United Nations, noted Carlos Agozino, author of "Geopolitics of Sahara and Sahel", wondering why the AU in meddling in an issue which does not come under its competence, whereas it has never managed to resolve any problem of the continent since its inception.