Dkhil Bashir, co-founder of the Polisario rallied in Morocco: Morocco is nothing without its Sahara

Dkhil Bashir, co-founder of the Polisario rallied in Morocco: Morocco is nothing without its Sahara

In February 2012, Chakib Benmoussa, former President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, announced before the king Mohammed VI, the end of the development model in the Sahara led for over 37 years. A policy that is the target of criticism from Bachir Edkhil, a founder of the Polisario returned to Morocco in 1992.

The last change of walis and governors in the Sahara was not enough to mitigate the criticism against the policy of the state in the province. The discontent is not only expressed by supporters of Mohamed Abdelaziz but is also shared by the pro-Morocco.Bachir Edkhil in part. 

A man who is a founder of the Polisario endorses the kingdom in 1992, a year after the signing of the cease-fire. Unlike his other comrades who rallied and held positions within the territorial administration, he wanted to keep a distance vis-à-vis the government. Which gives his statements legitimacy.

Sahrawis need jobs and dignity


Intervening Saturday in Rabat during a conference organized by the “Mohamed Bensaid Ait Idder Studies and Research Centre”, the name of one of the figureheads of the Liberation Army in the south, Bachir Edkhil not in the lace. "The Saharawi do not need fountains and paved roads but employment and dignity," he launched assistance. And enchainer stressing that “bad practices continue to be the norm, until today, in Laayoune, Smara and Dakhla.” 

His complaints have also turned on the management of the case by Rabat, calling revision to an integration of the local element in the development of this policy. Dkhil wanted a “saharisation” debate. The speaker noted that shelved Sahrawis has significantly contributed to the prolongation of the conflict.


The Morocco is worthless without the Sahara


This is his way, however moderate, criticizing the lack of Sahrawis in the negotiation process with the Polisario. Talks conducted mainly by men Palace, namely Yassine Mansouri, head of the DGED. The presence of 2 CORCAS, also a former Polisario, meetings with representatives of the Front is only symbolic. 


Bachir Edkhil which enjoys some respect in the Sahara-membership in the powerful tribe of Rguibates grant him de facto position significantly in the region, has estimated that “Morocco is worthless without the Sahara.” It was named for a real national reconciliation banning any form of distinction between Moroccan citizens.